Jukka Koivu;
Kytäjä Golf

“I actually used to play golf here when I started playing and played here for about ten years, so I know the place. The previous CEO wasn’t very capable, and the owners wanted to have a change because the man who built this spent €20 million and they wanted to make sure the course shined again.”

Ayden Roberts-Jones;
The Duke’s Course

“We’re pushing forward with our service delivery and marketing initiatives which include new images of the course. The expansion of the greenkeeping team means the consistency and playability of the course has gone up a notch. It means we can maintain each hole more frequently and provide the attention to detail that our guests expect from a five-star resort.”

Jonathan Menteath;
Heritage Golf Club

“I was quite ambitious at that stage of my career, and I’ve always taken the stance of not necessarily chasing the money but chasing good places to work, because I knew it would put me in good stead for the rest of my career. There were roles that I took early on in my career that were lower-paying roles, but at the right club. And that is how I progressed.”

John Kerr;
Royal Norwich

“The vision was all about disrupting the golf market. That was to remove some of the factors which may put people off and to engage with younger people. It’s all about creating a social atmosphere. We don’t have a dress code — jeans are fine if that’s what you want to wear on the course. Although it’s funny because it self-regulates itself — not too many choose to wear jeans.”

Paul Densham;
Essendon Country Club

“Essentially, in a nutshell, I employ people that are better than me in their roles, and ensure those people have everything they need to do their job brilliantly. Even when the purse strings are tight, we try to find a way of giving them everything they need. That’s what it’s all about.”

Pula Golf;

Tucked away on the eastern side of Mallorca lies Pula Golf, a unique golf resort which is rapidly forging a reputation as one of the must-visit destinations on the Balearics Islands. Built by Romeo Sala and opened for play in 1996, Pula Golf sits on the outskirts on Son Servera and pays homage to S’era de Pula, a restaurant founded by Sala during the tourist boom which swept across the island in the 70s and 80s.

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