César Burguière;
Antognolla Golf

“The course had no staff, restaurant, golf shop, no superintendent, golf professional and no outside service attendants. We quickly went through hiring all the associates and creating a team from nothing. Even though we were not starting from zero, at times it certainly felt like we were.”

Julián Romaguera;
Los Naranjos

“It took me six months to get this role in the end, so it was not something which happened all of a sudden. Obviously, I fully understand that probably they had, at the time, their doubts about hiring such a young person for this position.”

David Spenser;
Felixstowe Ferry

“There has been some talk for the last 25-30 years that it would be nice if we got a new clubhouse, but it wasn’t until I arrived and sat down with the board that we focused on the priorities for the golf club. They were extremely happy with the course; they were extremely happy with the nine-hole over the other side, but the clubhouse stuck out like a sore thumb.”

Sarah Blunden;
Wycombe Heights

“My initial reaction when I am asked about women in positions of power within the golf industry is one of anger, because I genuinely don’t believe this should be an issue or talking point in 2022. It is frustrating that we even have to have these conversations. However, I think the fact that it does still anger me is a big indicator that it is something we should be discussing.”

Nick Solski;
Boomers and Swingers

“We’ve seen a much younger demographic and people you would never, ever see go to a traditional golf club: young people who probably thought golf was just a boring sport for old people. But if you build the base of the pyramid bigger, they can eventually move on from us and find their own pathway.”

Costa Navarino;

At the forefront of the country’s golf tourism drive has been Costa Navarino, with the venue’s combination of signature 18-hole golf courses, five-star accommodation and numerous other leisure and amenities proving increasingly irresistible to resist for players from all over the continent. And the Mediterranean’s prime sustainable destination has raised the bar to new heights this spring with the official opening of Costa Navarino’s new 36-hole Navarino Hills golf development.

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