Golf Club De Compagnie Enters The Modern Era With How Many Strokes

    February 20, 2024

General manager, Fopke Drijfholt, was relatively new to the golf business when starting his role at Golfclub Landgoed De Compagnie in the Netherlands. With a background in digital marketing and technology, Drijfholt was the right man for the job, especially as the club needed someone to come in and modernise the business.

“Making changes in a business like a golf club with a lot of traditions is not an easy task, so it is important to provide modern improvements that is easy for members to accept and embrace,” explains Drijfhol. “The Digital Information Board & HCP Conversion Table was very easy to implement at the club, since it looks great on the wall providing information to the players, while it is very intuitive to use for players of all ages.

“The fact that we can show a sponsor on the screen is just a great bonus. We get the solution financed and the sponsor is shown to the members in a much slicker way than on a boring paper board somewhere at the club.”

How Many Stokes is perhaps represented at more notable golf clubs around the world, but a lot of lesser known clubs such as Ealing Golf Club, Dun Laoghaire Golf Club, Esbjerg Golf Club and Benamor Golf Club are now using the solution.

“Our main goal when starting How Many Strokes was that we wanted to help to develop the game of golf,” explains Elias Knudsen, co-Founder of How Many Strokes. “We wanted to provide a digital solution that was priced in a way so as all golf clubs would be able to acquire the solution. The Digital Information Board & HCP Conversion Table is a modern communications platform and one of the main benefits is that it is easy to update for the staff at the club.

“We appreciate the feedback from our clubs around the world, and are looking forward to developing the game further in 2024 when a lot of new updates will be coming to the solution, providing an even better visitor experience for players.”

Photo: General manager, Fopke Drijfholt.

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